Heather Skowood Contemporary Jewelry

"Strangeways We Have Arrived"

Contemporary Art Jewelry – Knuckleduster
sterling silver with black pearls

An exciting example of Contemporary Art Jewelry, this sterling silver knuckleduster with black pearls was created exclusively for “Architectonics: Foundations in Jewellery” an exhibition in Manchester for Architecture Week 2006 that has toured to Urbis, Manchester, UK, the Royal Institute of British Architects in Liverpool, UK and Velvet da Vinci gallery in San Francisco. Heather chose Strangeways Prison for its unique radial design and its connection with Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, her native city.  The title of the knuckleduster, "Strangeways We Have Arrived" is a take on Manchester's favorite export, The Smiths recording, "Strangeways Here We Come". The two thorn-like radial elements rotate threateningly, one turning the other like gears, around two black pearls that Heather chose to represent prison inmates. The knuckleduster is a commentary on society’s turning a blind eye approach to the treatment of those incarcerated in prison. Heather says, ”In the spaces between each other lays a responsibility to better understand one another and grow. I hope this piece will generate discussion on our prisons in both the UK and the US”.

View the online version of "Architectonics: Foundations in Jewelry"

'Strangeways Here We Come' - knuckleduster, sterling silver, 2006
Exploded map of Strangeways Prison


Contemporary Art Jewelry – hand ornament
sterling silver

This ring or hand ornament encapsulates ideas of sensuality and its hidden pleasures, anticipations, and satisfactions. The 10mm band that was the starting point for this piece of Contemporary Art Jewelry was halved to make the hourglass component that makes this piece wearable. The ring is placed on the hand like the stem of a wine glass slips between the fingers and the hollow domed ends offer lightweight wear ability. Created for Manchester Jewellers Network exhibition, RING at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, Summer 2004, Barcelona, Autumn 2004 and Platform Gallery, 2005
'Sensual' - hand ornament , sterling silver
'Sensual', being worn

Girder + I-Beam Bracelets

The designs for both of these bracelets were influenced by bridge structures seen on many train journeys to NYC. Both bracelets were originally made in 2002 when Heather was artist-in-residence at the Worcester Center for Craft in Worcester, Massachusetts. They were exhibited in Worcester Center for Crafts' Fresh: A.I.R. exhibition 2002, Moore College of Art's "Light" exhibition, and the I-Beam was also shown in "Metropolis" at the Royal Society of Artists, Birmingham, UK, 2004.
Girder Bracelet, sterling silver + copper inlay
I-Beam Bracelet, sterling silver

Pink: Love/Hate Relationship - bracelet + ring

Created for Moore College of Art and Design's juried alumnae in 2004. The show's theme 'Pink" inspired this bracelet and ring set of pink pom poms held in place by silver thorns. The title reflects Heather's feelings toward the color pink.
Love/Hate Relationship - bracelet, sterling silver, pom poms
Love/Hate Relationship - ring, sterling silver, pom pom

Ceremonial Wedding Jewelry - necklace + ring

This necklace and ring were created by Heather for her wedding. The necklace is made of sterling silver wires, hinged where they overlap with one another and capped with black peals. The ring is a sterling silver, etched, hollow form construction with a black pearl and her signature thorns.
Ceremonial Wedding Necklace, sterling silver, black pearls
Ceremonial Wedding Ring, hollowform, etched sterling silver, black pearl

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