Heather Skowood Contemporary Jewelry


Heather welcomes various commissions for bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces or wedding rings + engagement rings of her design or yours in platinum, 14K + 18K white or yellow gold as well as in sterling silver. To begin the process all you have to do is email her your idea. If possible include a sketch, link to something that gave you inspiration for the design or simply describe what you need.

Heather also has access to computer aided design (CAD) technology to assist in the fabrication process of select designs. CAD technology is used to create designs that would be difficult or impossible to fabricate by hand, they are then cast to produce one or multiples of your design. After discussion of your design Heather may then provide a CAD image of your design for approval.

The following are examples of some commissions customers have asked Heather to create. To contact Heather about a design idea you have, fill out the contact form with your inquiry. She will be happy to discuss your request.

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