Heather Skowood Contemporary Jewelry

Jewelry Collections

These luscious Contemporary Jewelry Collections, like all of Heather’s jewelry, have been designed to celebrate the body and personality within each and every one of us. You will wear this jewelry wherever and whenever you feel like. And when you do you will find the desire to express yourself is overwhelming and inescapable.

Try it on. You know you want to. You can’t resist.

You also won’t be able to resist the superior quality of Heather’s handmade jewelry. In today’s world we are bombarded with products cheaply and poorly made overseas that often exploit children to produce them. When you purchase any of Heather’s jewelry you can take pride in knowing who made it, that it has been expertly made and that you are supporting an American tradition – ingenuity and creativity.

All of Heather's jewelry can be purchased confidently with Paypal. Please fill out a contact form with your inquiry.

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